Anneli Tammik lives in Tallinn, where she works as a freelance artist. Anneli has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts and obtained a Bachelor’s degree- specialising in jewellery design. In addition Anneli has also completed her Master’s in art at Tallinn University.

Anneli has won numerous awards for her work, including the ‘Ede Kurrel prize’ by the Association of Metal Artists of Estonia in 2004 (jewellery artist of the year, 2004). As an artist, Anneli likes to experiment with new technologies and explores the limits of various materials and techniques. She wants to find something new in every collection. It’s safe to say that Anneli has changed the face of jewellery design in Estonia by using the latest technology and introducing a new dimension to a field which has long been classified as mere ‘handicraft’. An artist has also given lectures in Estonian Academy of Arts.

Anneli’s jewellery is worn by Estonian first lady Evelin Ilves, Silvia – the Queen of Sweden, president of Finland – Tarja Halonen, the first lady of Latvia – Dace Seisuma, first lady of Finland – Jenni Haukio and many other stylish and charismatic women.